Benefits of Playing With Your Cat

Does your kitty sometimes attack your shoelaces, or pounce on the bed as you are making it? Cats are very playful, which is one of their most adorable—and entertaining—traits. While Fluffy will happily amuse herself by pouncing on feather toys or batting catnip mice under the couch, she’ll actually benefit the most from interactive play. A Hayden, CO vet lists some reasons why in this article.


You may have noticed that our feline friends are, well, a bit lazy. Left to her own devices, Fluffy may tap out after a few pounces. However, when you are controlling her ‘adversary,’ she may keep playing a bit longer, and run and jump a little higher. This is great for her physically! It’s worth noting that you don’t have to worry too much about overexerting a cat, as you would with a dog. If your frisky furball gets tired, she’ll just quit the game altogether, and go take yet another nap.

Mental Stimulation

Interactive play is also good for Fluffy’s mind. She won’t be able to tell what her ‘prey’ is going to do next. Cats also have to concentrate to land those complicated butt wiggle/run/jump/pounce/roll/kick combinations. That mental stimulation is really good for your kitty’s mind. It can even help ward off cognitive decay as she ages.


Our feline pals love being pampered. When you take a few minutes to hold a laser pointer or wand toy for Fluffy to pounce on, she’ll realize that you’re doing something to please her. This is a great way to make your cute pet feel loved, and will definitely score you some points.

Zoomie Control

Does your feline buddy have a habit of pouncing on your feet in the middle of the night? If so, then you have another reason to make kitty playtime a part of your daily routine. If you tire Fluffy out with a vigorous play session, she’ll probably be more inclined to curling up with you afterward than in attacking your toes.

It’s Cute

Last but not least, playing with your furry best friend is bound to brighten your day up as well. There are few things more adorable than a cat hard at play!

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