Pampering a Senior Dog

Is your dog officially a furry, four-legged retiree? How fast Fido ages will depend in large part on his breed and size: big dogs reach their golden years much faster than little ones. However, sooner or later, you’ll notice your canine pal slowing down, and spot some grey fur on his muzzle. Here, a Hayden, CO veterinarian lists some things you can do to give your beloved pet a happy and comfortable retirement.


Fido will spend a sizable chunk of his retirement sleeping. Make sure he has a comfy doggy bed! Look for an orthopedic bed with a washable, waterproof cover, and add a soft blanket to make it comfy. The bed shouldn’t be in a spot that is drafty or cold. Your pooch may appreciate a heated or thermal bed in winter.

Doggy Comforts

Raised dishes are easier for your canine buddy to eat from than bowls on the floor. Consider ‘pupgrading’ Fido’s dinnerware.

Suitable Exercise

Fido won’t be as active or playful as he once was, and he may be more interested in catching Z’s than catching the squirrel in the backyard. However, he’ll still need suitable exercise. Otherwise, his muscles will weaken, and he’ll get stiff and sore. Most dogs need at least a daily walk.


Proper grooming will go a long way towards keeping your four-legged friend comfortable. Brushing Fido will get that itchy dead fur and dust out of his coat. Dental care is also important, as are nail trims.


It’s not uncommon for dogs to develop medical issues in their golden years. Arthritis and hip dysplasia are the most common. Supplements such as glucosamine and Omega 3 oils can help with this. However, every dog is different, so ask your vet what will benefit Fido the most.

Veterinary Care

Speaking of veterinarians, your furry buddy will need to come in a bit more often, especially if he does develop health issues. Your vet can recommend an appointment schedule. At home, watch for signs of illness or injury. Call the animal clinic immediately if you notice anything unusual.


Love is the secret ingredient in any good dog care regimen. Keep that tail wagging! Pay lots of attention to Fido, and indulge those adorable requests for belly rubs.

Do you have questions about your furry friend’s health or care? Call us, your local Hayden, CO animal clinic, today!

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