Ski Town Animal Hospital Home Health Care and Hospice

Home Health Care and Hospice

Our goal is to increase the quality and consistency of the care of your pet in a way that fits your needs. Caring for a chronically ill pet can be a stressful process, and we are here to assist you in every way possible.

What is Hospice and How Does it Work At Ski Town Animal Hospital?

Hospice is focused on giving pets a safe, caring and intimate end of life experience in a familiar environment. As such, it is not geared toward curing a pet’s disease, but rather toward keeping the disease from causing the pet discomfort. Hospice care focuses primarily on providing pain control and physical and emotional comfort for the pet. To prevent the anxiety of hospital visits and to allow pets and owners the maximum amount of time together, pet owners provide as much care as possible at home.

We will teach you at home nursing care as much as possible. Along with your love and dedication, our team of caring technicians will do periodic home visits to bring you medications, perform treatments, assess your pet’s comfort and be your direct help line for any questions or needs you might have.

Your Doctor will make a detailed and custom care plan for your pet’s unique needs. Along with this plan you will receive  a medication chart to help you keep track of the timing and dosages of your pet’s medications, and a journal to make daily notes on your pets energy, appetite, mobility, pain and happiness. Hospice allows your pet to pass on peacefully, feeling loved and safe in the comfort of your home. Hospice will give you a a chance to say goodbye at your own pace.

Home Health Services We Offer

Spot glucose checks checks for diabetic dogs and cats
Blood pressure readings for cats with renal disease or Hyperthyroidism
Subcutaneous fluids for cats with renal disease
Blood Draws
Monitoring of hospice patients
Wellness exams with a Doctor